Sparks was a severely injured stray cat that showed up one day, finding respite in Mike and Dena’s back yard. She had a jaw that was broken and split open to the bone, burnt ears, and could not walk on her front left leg. Mike and Dena immediately took her to the vet with little hope that she could be saved. At first look, the doctor didn’t hold out for much hope for her either. Sparks saved herself by continuously going after a single piece of food that fell out of her carrier. The doctor said, “That’s will to live! Let’s try and save her.” Sparks’ doctor wired her jaw together and removed most of her badly burned right ear. Most of her teeth had to be pulled and the side of her little face had to be stitched together. As for Sparks’ leg, it turned out to be a bad sprain and thankfully healed on its own. Based on her injuries, the doctor thinks she bit into an electrical cord and it acted like an explosion, blowing her face apart and burning her ears. Since she was most likely electrocuted she was named her Sparks.