Rikka was rescued through Dena’s work with Heaven Can Wait Animal Society. A call came in one day from a woman who was irresponsibly breeding Newfoundland Dogs. Newfoundland dogs can range in weight of 100 pounds to 150 pounds, depending on if they are female or male. The woman who was breeding them lived in a trailer park and did not have the space to house all of the dogs inside. As a result, puppies were kept outside, tied to a tree and exposed to the desert heat. The puppies were born with cherry eye and the woman could not afford the surgery to repair the eyes. As a result, the puppies could not be adopted out. As they aged, she could no longer afford to feed the puppies which left them to survive on what they could find – sticks, weeds, and bugs. When Heaven Can Wait Animal Society took all the dogs in, Mike and Dena agreed to foster Rikka. Mike and Dena quickly fell in love with her and decided she needed to join their family permanently. She had to go through two surgeries to fix her one bad eye, but is now doing great! Mike and Dena have learned about the holistic brands of dog foods and supplements in the process of helping Rikka recover from her brutal beginning. She has now reached maturity and is a healthy 120 pounds. All her other siblings have also been adopted into loving homes.