About Us

All About Paws is proud to be the first family owned and operated self-dog wash featuring pet supplies and grooming serving Alliante!

The owners, Mike and Dena Long, have two cats, Moose and Sparks. They also adopted a Newfoundland, Rikka, from a local humane animal organization. After adopting Rikka. Mike and Dena quickly became frustrated at the amount of hair and mess left in their house after her countless baths. Mike and Dena saw the need for a self-dog wash so that all dog owners can join them in keeping the mess of bathing and brushing their pooch OUT of their house!

In addition to the convenience of a self-dog wash to provide an easy, hassle-free way to keep even the furriest family members clean and happy, All About Paws also offers a full service groomer. Our loving companions can enjoy a true “spaw” experience where they have the groomer’s undivided attention from start to finish.

During the many years Dena served as a volunteer and later worked for a local humane animal organization, she and Mike opened their home and their hearts to foster animals in need. Many of these foster animals under Mike and Dena’s care needed more than love and a warm bed. They required special diets and medical care. In the process of nurturing dogs and cats back to health, Mike and Dena have become knowledgeable and experienced in the holistic brands of foods and supplements. This is why All About Paws only offers the highest quality of pet supplies, foods, supplements, and products.

Mike and Dena Long have a priority of offering their customers more than just what’s popular. Mike and Dena offer what’s best for your pet. Having this clear purpose and passion is what makes All About Paws head, shoulders, and tails above all other pet care stores.